English-Cooking Course participants prepared meals and made presentations. They developed both of their foreign language and presentation skills. They also understood the importance of teamwork in these activities and now all of them very talented in the kitchen 
From this day there will also be launched the opportunity to register for individual camps. During this year's Summer Camps Action we envisage the organization of the following camps:   BULGARIA - Sunny Beach - holiday camp for children aged 12 - 17 years;     CZARNIECKA GORA: Thematic camp for children of I - IV grades Football camp Culinary - English language camp Horse camp DAY CAMPS in Tarnobrzeg Horse day camps Artistic day camps LEISURE ON THE BALTIC SEA - leisure holiday camp ARTISTIC CAMPS in Ustroń  
On the 21 - 23 of October, 2016 there was held a General Meeting of ESTEKA's Members .  
The enrollment process for the project supporting children and youth with disabilities by means of hipotherapy is on the go. More info: www.esteka.pl Project "Horse - Joy and health" is implemented by Esteka Association with the financial support of National Fund for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities.
Esteka Association took part in NGO Zone during Days of Tarnobrzeg.
The results of FIO 2016 competition announced
The process of enrolment is on the go. We invite the participants of summer camps, day camps organized by Esteka Association.:)
Branch ESTEKA in Sandomierz raises funds for its activities from 1% tax.
A list of formal projects assessment of FIO 2016 - Priority 2 was published on the 3-rd of February 2016.
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